Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Shake Shack Burgers Not as Good



"NOT as GOOD as It USED to BE"

SHAKE SHACK BURGRES NOT as GOOD as they used to be?

Review by Dapper Dan "The FOOD MAN"


Yes, Dan says, "he really loves Shake Shack," but he feels, since Shake Shack has gotten so Big, the quality and taste of their Burgers is Not as Good as They Used to Be."

Dan was at the SHAKE SHACK on Varick Street in Greenwich Village New York, which opened near his house in 2018. Dan says, "I had a Burger here last year, when they first opened this location, and I was Supremely Disappointed. Unlike #Reviewbrah My Day was Not Ruined, but yes I was not Happy. That particular Burger last year was terrible. It was the worst Shake Shack Burger that I'd ever had. In fact, before that day, Shake Shack Burgers that I'd had, were all excellent, tasty little Burgers, I Loved them all, especially at the original Shake Shack on Madison Avenue and 23rd Street inside Madison Park. The Burgers were always Great!"

"Well, that time last year, my Shake Shack Burger wasn't very good. It was bad in fact. But here I am, giving them another shot. Hey, they were good every time except that one time, so here I am, back once again."

"Well, I ate it, and what did I think. Well, pretty good, and definitely much Better than last time, but not up to what they used to be. Yes, I have to say, Shake Shack has gone down. They are Not as Good as They Used to be, which before, for me anyway, they were always excellent. Now, not as much, sorry to say Shake Shack, but if you want to get Big, and make tons more money, you're not going to be as good as when you just had one shop. That's the trade-off, quality for Money"

"Well, I must say, it wasn't bad. It was good, so I'll say on a Scale of 1 to 10, I'm going to give this Shake Shack Burger a 8.2 out of Ten. Before, I had rated the Shake Shack Burger a solid 9,2 .. Now they go down to 8.2 .. I'm probably being a little generous, but that's my verdict for now, 8.2 for the Burger at Shake Shack."

"This has been Dapper Dan The Food Man for NEW YORK EATS GOin IN FOOD REVIEWS, saying Good Bye for now."




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