Sunday, November 24, 2019

What is a MUKBANG


"Will Reviewbrah Ever do MUKBANG" ?

WHAT is a MUKBANG" ???

A Mukbang is a Live Broadcast, often on Youtube, where the Host Eats massive amounts of food while they interact with their audience. Mukbangs are usually broadcast through streaming Webcast on platforms such as Youtube, Twitch, and Afreeca. Mukbang was started in Korea in 2008 ... Food Stuffs such as Pizza, Burgers, King Crab, Ramen Noodles, Pasta, Hotdogs, Lobsters, Fried Chicken, and just about any food imaginable are eatin in Mukbangs. The Food is consumed in front of a camera for an audience that either pays or not.

Mukbang is a Korean Word that means Eat & Broadcast

Mukbang hosts are known as Broadcast Jockeys.

Other forms of Mukbang include COOK-BANG which are Cooking and Eating Shows.

As a cultural practice, Mukbang challenges the normal Korean Way of Life of Healthy Eating practices on a daily basis. Mukbang is not a healthy practice.

Of course eating is part of everyone's everyday life, we must eat to survive. Mukbangers have taking eating to another level. One might say, extreme levels.

With a Table Full of Food, and a Video Camera Mukbangers Eat with their Audience. They broadcast themselves eating on platforms like Youtube , Twitch, and Afreeca.TV ...

When broadcasting a Mukbang Show, the host must make sure that their audience is engaged, and that they get involved in the action, as they talk to their audience, make Jokes, Funny Facial Expressions, and eating noises like; Crunching, Slurping, Chewing, and Enjoying the Food in general.

Large Food manufacturers are using techniques similar to Mukbanging, showing people eating to advertise their products. You might say watching a Mukbang is like watching a McDonald's commercial. Mukbanger's have brought eating to a higher level. They do not eat normally, they must eat in the extreme or novel ways.

Some Mukbang videos feature the hosts eating massive amounts of Food, or they might feature the host eating extremely Spicy Food, that is much Hotter than most people could ever dream of eating. They couldn't, but the host can. People actually enjoy watching the host in pain from so much hot chili peppers in the extreme.

What are your favorite Mukbang's?






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