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Amaro Lucano was created by Pasquale Vena in his biscuit factory in Basicata, Italy in 1894. Pasquale was a pastry chef, and this Amaro was created from the Vena Family recipe, that had been passed down from generation to generation over the years. Pasquale made and bottle it at the factory. In 1900 Amaro Lucano became famous when the Vena Family became the sppliers for the House of Savoy, and Lucano gained popularity throughout The Kingdom of Italy.

As a result World War II, and a shortage of the raw materials needed to produce their Amaro, production of Amaro Lucano was halted  for a couple years. Leonardo Giuseppe Vena resumed production of his family's Amaro and was producing about 3,000 bottles a year.

In 1965 the company opened a new factory in Pisticci Scalo (near Matera) and increased production to more than 120,000 bottles of amaro a year. By the 1970s, the company had seen more growth and added Sambucca, Limoncello, and a Coffee Liqueur to their line of products.

The famous catchphrase "What else do you want from life? A Lucano!" was created in the 1980s.

Today  with the new found popularity of Amaro on a whole, Lucano is more popular than ever, and is famous Worldwide. Drink it straight-up, on the Rocks, or in cocktails such as the Amaro Manhattan.


Daniel Bellino Zwicke



My Bottle of LUCANO



In the Summer of 2018, I took a trip to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Salerno Italy with my Cousin Anthony. We had a great trip and did a lot of eating and drinking tasty local Italian Food and drink, such as Falanghina, Prosecco, Negroni and Aperol Spritz Cocktails, Limoncello, and Amaro. Cousin Tny had never had an Amaro before, and this was his first introduction when I bought a bottle of Amaro Lucano when I was shopping for our dinner party with our cosuins Mimo and Marta from Salerno. Tony as with the Ferrari Perle that we had been drinking, fell in love with the Lucano as well. It's picture here on a shelf in our Cuomo Suite (Air BNB) overlooking The PIazza Tasso in the center of Sorrento. Little by little, along with drrinking Ferrari, Tignanello, Greco d' Tufo, and Negroni's, we polished off this bottle of Lucano, imbibing in "Night Caps" when we got back to our room at the end of the night.

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, hitting the towns of Amalfi for lunch at Lo Smeraldino, Cetara, lunch at Bucca di Baco in Positano, and a wonderful meal at La Spagnola Ristorante in Salerno, along with making our own dinner at the beautiful house Tony rented in Salerno one day. Yes we had quite a nice time, and it's a trip I shall long remember. Thanks Tony, and Uncle Frankie. And God Bless, we miss you.



with Alan S. and Cousin Tony



Polpetti di Alici e Insalata di Polpo



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